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Please Mister Postman



Watching that movie about the woman who hires a male escort to be her date to a wedding

I know it's his job, but is it ethical to do it if she's been drinking?
Ask me that question when you hire an escort.
If Yoshi hired an escort she'd just make him watch Rushmore with her.


For ‘The Cat That Calls Upon The Night’. A work in progress. 

There is no ‘Plan B’ for action as there is no ‘Planet B.’

Ban Ki-moon

I had a dream last night that Aubrey Plaza wanted me to pick up and deliver her purple washing machine, buy her dog its favorite organic chow, and also do her grocery shopping? She said if I failed I was dead. I failed and it showed up in all the tabloids that she hated me. I’m sorry, Aubrey. So sorry.

I love my skin!

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I feel like we’re all just derping through life.


I’m not even a Cumberbitch but

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Frank (2014)

This movie was very good. Very good.

Frank (2014)

This movie was very good. Very good.

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